Let’s level up your IKOS creativity!  IKOS coding cards are the next step to creating specific combinations, learning new skills and having loads of fun!

To get started, follow these steps and remember: each code is made up of colors and symbols.  The more the colors and symbols, the more complex the project will be.

  1. The COLOR of the symbol corresponds to the color of IKOS pieces that will be used in the code.
  2. The type of SYMBOL corresponds to a matching symbol near particular slots and tabs on the back of the IKOS pieces that will be used. 
  • For example, the code +o means that you will take a yellow IKOS piece and a green IKOS piece and connect the + tabs on the yellow piece to the o tabs on the green piece.
  • The code  =o means that you will take a blue IKOS piece and a red IKOS piece and connect the = slots on the blue piece to the o tabs on the red piece.
  1. If there is a comma in the code, make the first combination before the comma, then add the combination after the comma to the previous combination.
  2. A line under a code indicates that the piece connects to an existing piece. This shows up more in advanced codes. 
  3. If a code splits, this means there are multiple pieces that connect to a single piece.
  4. Check your work with the photos.
  5. Have fun! 

You can even create your own codes for new creations and share them with others. There is no limit to the number of possible combinations!


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5